Welcome to the world of Juxta

Your passengers want more from their travel experience. On the go, wherever they go, they want to access the internet, watch a blockbuster movie, be connected, entertained, updated on their journey, informed of the news. Juxta is the foremost infotainment platform; we are transforming customer experience for the transport industry.

On-board Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access point gives passengers access to the exciting media portal and to the Internet, operating both on the 802.11b,a,g,n,ac 2.4GHz and 5GHz.


Hollywood films to TV box-sets, sports, comedy, games, news, important travel information can all be delivered to your passengers, in the comfort of their seats, while they travel – directly to their smartphones, tablets and PCs. Juxta also delivers high speed Wi-Fi; together with the added advantage that passengers access infotainment content in offline mode, so bandwidth is freed up for those who do want to go online.

Revenue generation

We can also help build a bespoke revenue generation platform that can include content download charges, differentiated Wi-Fi access charges, a season ticket programme, advertising banners, pre-roll videos and sponsorship packages. Your customers are entertained, your costs are reduced and your revenues are increased.

Build it, shape it, however you want it.